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Donald Trump Twitter Bot Announces Candidacy For President

Contributed to a story for the Newsweek website. The study , by Oxford University professor Philip Howard, found that bots backing Trump sent out more than four times as many tweets than those supporting Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate.

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Donald Trump support during presidential debate was inflated by bots, professor says

Our research was featured in the Independent: The robot tweets helped give the appearance that Mr Trump had more support than he did, according to Professor Howard. That apparent surge in support was referenced repeatedly by Mr Trump, who claimed that despite what the official polling showed he had actually […]

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Bots and Automation over Twitter during the Second U.S. Presidential Debate

Bots are social media accounts that automate interaction with other users, and political bots have been particularly active on public policy issues, political crises, and elections. We collected data on bot activity using the major hashtags related to the U.S. Presidential debate. In this brief analysis we find that (1) […]

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Un « bot » Twitter imite Donald Trump pour mieux le dénoncer

Helped with a story for Le Monde, on bots and computational propaganda. Mais Donald Trump sait lui aussi tirer profit des bots. Le chercheur d’Oxford Philip Howard, qui s’intéresse à la « propagande computationnelle », a analysé les tweets publiés autour du débat entre les deux candidats à la présidentielle américaine, rapporte […]