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Wired: To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists

This originally appeared as “To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists” in February 2021 in Wired. Exposing and fighting the problem requires drawing from reporters’ resources and reach.

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Covid-Related Misinformation on YouTube

The Spread of Misinformation Videos on Social Media and the Effectiveness of Platform Policies Authors: Aleksi Knuutila, Aliaksandr Herasimenka, Hubert Au, Jonathan Bright, Rasmus Nielsen, Philip N. Howard For this memo, we identified all Covid-related videos which circulated on social media, but which YouTube eventually removed because they contained false […]

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Types, Sources, and Claims of COVID-19 Misinformation

Authors: J. Scott Brennen, Felix M. Simon, Philip N. Howard, and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen In this RISJ factsheet we identify some of the main types, sources, and claims of COVID-19 misinformationseen so far. We analyse a sample of 225 pieces of misinformation rated false or misleading by factcheckers and published […]

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Social Media Misinformation about the WHO

Authors: Hubert Au, Jonathan Bright, Philip N. Howard Given the evolving nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic—and public understanding of the crises—we provide a weekly briefing about the spread of coronavirus information across multiple social media platforms. For the week leading up to 20-04-2020 we find: • Content from state-backed […]