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Wired: To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists

This originally appeared as “To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists” in February 2021 in Wired. Exposing and fighting the problem requires drawing from reporters’ resources and reach.

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Balancing Product Reviews, Traffic Targets, and Industry Criticism: UK Technology Journalism in Practice

Authors: J Scott Brennen, Philip N Howard, Rasmus K Nielsen Abstract Despite growing expectations that technology journalists serve as critical watchdogs of the technology industry, technology journalism remains under-studied in journalism studies. Drawing on the hierarchy of influences model to analyze semi-structured interviews with UK technology journalists and editors, this […]

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These are the Droids You’re Looking For: Bots as a Tool For Journalism

This originally appeared as “These are the Droids You’re Looking For:  Bots as a Tool For Journalism” by Samuel Woolley and Phil Howard on the National Endowment for Democracy’s Center for International Media Assistance Blog.   In today’s data-saturated world journalists often struggle to report on many, if not most, of the […]

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Caged Cairo: Where Journalism is a Crime

Contributed to documentary on arrested journalists in Egypt.