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Book: State Power 2.0

Digital media and online social networking applications have changed the way in which dissent is organized with social movement leaders using online applications and digital content systems to organize collective action, activate local protest groups, network with international social movements and share their political perspectives. In the past, authoritarian regimes […]

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‘Running battle’: How Google hopes to beat countries cracking down on Internet freedom recently used some quotable quotes from me and one of my colleagues at USIP Sheldon Himmelfarb on the new suite of Google tools:. The company that revolutionized Internet search is now unveiling a sort of online underground tunnel — a way for people in restrictive countries like Iran and […]

Are There Countries Whose Situations Worsened with the Arrival of the Internet?
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Are There Countries Whose Situations Worsened with the Arrival of the Internet?

(This post originally appeared on Freedom To Tinker, after @evgenymorozov tweeted that he would want help with a graph of data before he would believe that there were no countries where the situation worsened with the arrival of the internet. @evgenymorozov @ericschmidt there are no countries where tech diffusion rates high and […]

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Data Share: Compromised Digital Records, 1980-2006

This is the event data we collected on news reports about compromised personal records from 1980-2006.  The data was used in several articles and book chapters.  While there is no formal code book we thought it was time to share the data and the best summary of our definition of […]