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Democratic Futures and the Internet of Things: How Information Infrastructure Will Become a Political Constitution

Constitutions are collections of codified traditions and conventions that provide structure for political life. Good constitutions enunciate a governance system and define the relationships between and among citizens and political actors. In the years ahead, the Internet of Things (IoT), made up of billions of devices with small sensors, will […]

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Soon Your City Will Know Everything About You

This appeared as “Soon Your City Will Know Everything About You” on the Foreign Policy website June 7th 2016.   The world’s cities are collecting ever-increasing amounts of data. It’s time for mechanisms to prevent abuse.   They call it “the Internet of Things” — the rapidly growing network of […]


Disruptive Innovation Festival

In this session at the Disruptive Innovation Festival, Phil Howard, author of “Pax Technica: How the Internet of Things May Set Us Free or Lock Us Up”, and Sophie Hackford from Wired Consulting, will debate the value of the IoT and the privacy concerns that arise. They will discuss how […]

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Politico: The Internet of Things is poised to change democracy itself

This appeared as “Politics won’t know what hit it:  The Internet of Things is poised to change democracy itself” in Politico Magazine.   In the evolving conversation about the “Internet of Things” — the growth of networked everyday objects and the data they generate — analysts tend to focus on […]