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TechPresident: How Obama’s Democratization Strategy Can Be Even More Tech Savvy

(This post originally appeared as “How Obama’s Foreign Policy Can Be Savvier about Tech and Democratization” on TechPresident.) The last four years have seen demonstrated dividends for democracy from investments made by the Obama administration. Forging a new foreign policy approach that fosters openness for governments and technology support for […]

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CBS Evening News: Tunisia election sets high bar for Arab Spring

CBS Evening News

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Seattle Times: The Real Success in the Tunisian Elections is an Authentic, Democratic Process

(This appeared as an OpEd entitled “The Real Success in the Tunisian Elections is an Autthentic, Democratic Process” in the Seattle Times. TUNISIA, a country that had never experienced democracy, held a successful election last week. This was the first election of the Arab Spring, and the first in an […]

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Information Technologies and Omnivorous News Diets Over Three U.S. Presidential Elections

Technology convergence and rising expectations for interactivity have had a significant impact on the news diets of U.S. voters. While television may appear to be the most important single media in this system of political communication, for a growing portion of the population, news diets are defined by combinations and […]