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How the Bundys’ social media machine fed their political movement

Helped with a Washington Post story on how social media is used by radical libertarians in the US. Howard, who teaches communications at the University of Washington and Oxford University, noted that social media is a critical tool for protest movements, allowing groups such as the Oregon occupiers to build communities and reach people […]

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More than 26 million people have changed their Facebook picture to a rainbow flag. Here’s why that matters.

Contributed to a Washington Post story on what impact changing Facebook profile photos does, and does not, have. “Profile picture campaigns are effective in showing the friends and family in your social network that you have some affinity for a political candidate or cause,” said Philip Howard, a sociologist at […]

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Book: State Power 2.0

Digital media and online social networking applications have changed the way in which dissent is organized with social movement leaders using online applications and digital content systems to organize collective action, activate local protest groups, network with international social movements and share their political perspectives. In the past, authoritarian regimes […]

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The Atlantic: Why Governments Use Broadcast TV and Dissidents Use Twitter

(This originally appeared as “Why Governments Use Broadcast TV and Dissidents Use Twitter” on The   Last March I was walking past Gezi Park with a Turkish friend at dusk. He had just joined me from prayers and I asked him what he thought about the brewing debate over […]