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Are There Countries Whose Situations Worsened with the Arrival of the Internet?
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Are There Countries Whose Situations Worsened with the Arrival of the Internet?

(This post originally appeared on Freedom To Tinker, after @evgenymorozov tweeted that he would want help with a graph of data before he would believe that there were no countries where the situation worsened with the arrival of the internet. @evgenymorozov @ericschmidt there are no countries where tech diffusion rates high and […]

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Data Share: Compromised Digital Records, 1980-2006

This is the event data we collected on news reports about compromised personal records from 1980-2006.  The data was used in several articles and book chapters.  While there is no formal code book we thought it was time to share the data and the best summary of our definition of […]

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What Best Explains Successful Protest Cascades? ICTs and the Fuzzy Causes of the Arab Spring

It has been 15 years since the last wave of democratization. But as a region, North Africa and the Middle East were noticeably devoid of popular democracy movements—until the early months of 2011. Democratization movements had existed long before technologies like mobile phones and the Internet came to these countries. But […]

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Debate flares on ‘Twitter revolutions,’ Arab Spring

Extensive interview about latest book: Arab Spring: Did social media really spark revolutions? Amid fierce debate in academic circles, upcoming book argues social media made key difference in successful uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt. By Rob Lever, AFP – WASHINGTON   How important were Twitter, Facebook and other social media in […]