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Reuters: Social Media and the New Cold War

(This originally appeared as “Social Media and the New Cold War” on the Reuters Commentary Wire. View Anne-Marie Slaughter’s riff on the theme.) Watch talk on this topic. View Prezi on this topic. There is a new Cold War starting. It does not involve opposing military forces, but it does […]

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Digital Media and the Arab Spring

During the “Arab Spring,” young tech savvy activists led uprisings in a dozen countries across North Africa and the Middle East. At first, digital media allowed democratization movements to develop new tactics for catching dictators off guard. Eventually, authoritarian governments worked social media into their own counter-insurgency strategies. What have […]

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Digitizing the Social Contract: Producing American Political Culture in the Age of New Media

Campaigns are complex exercises in the creation, transmission, and mutation of significant political symbols. However, there are important differences between political communication through new media and political¬†communication through traditional media. I argue that the most interesting¬†change in patterns of political communication is in the way political culture¬†is produced, not in […]