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Please Prove You’re Not a Robot

Our research was discussed in Tim Wu’s column for the New York Times. Robots posing as people have become a menace. For popular Broadway shows (need we say “Hamilton”?), it is actually bots, not humans, who do much and maybe most of the ticket buying. Shows sell out immediately, and […]

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Interview: Bots, Russia, and Propaganda on Danish Television

I appeared on DR, the Danish TV station, to discuss some of the project’s latest research, as well as the impact of bots and Russian sponsored media organizations. The full episode is available here [the interview begins in the second half of the programme].

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How Bots Win Friends and Influence People

Along with the project’s work, I was featured in a short article on bots in IEEE Spectrum. Every now and then sociologist Phil Howard writes messages to social media accounts accusing them of being bots. It’s like a Turing test of the state of online political propaganda. “Once in a while a […]

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Facebook and Twitter are being used to manipulate public opinion – report

Our case study series on computational propaganda worldwide was featured in the Guardian: Propaganda on social media is being used to manipulate public opinion around the world, a new set of studies from the University of Oxford has revealed. The reports, part of the Oxford Internet Institute’s Computational Propaganda Research Project, cover nine nations […]