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Automation, Big Data and Politics: A Research Review

We review the great variety of critical scholarship on algorithms, automation, and big data in areas of contemporary life both to document where there has been robust scholarship and to contribute to existing scholarship by identifying gaps in our research agenda. We identify five domains with opportunities for further scholarship: […]


Prezi: Creating Lasting Relationships Among Computer and Social Scientists

Here is an interactive Prezi about how the special collaborations within our project are going. We are tackling some important research questions, but doing so as a parity-based team of computer and social scientists.

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Twitter Needs a “Terms of Sharing”

This appeared as “Twitter Needs a Terms of Sharing” on Medium. Recently, some colleagues (wonderful team of @MCForelle, @saiphchen, @andresmh) and I came together to study the impact of bots on political life in Venezuela. There have been multiple stories over the years about the government there using automated scripts […]

Data Share:  Logged Number of Tweets on #egypt, by Location
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Data Share: Logged Number of Tweets on #egypt, by Location

Here are the aggregated numbers for daily tweets of #egypt at a critical moment during the Egyptian uprising of early 2011.  This information is analyzed in the report Howard, Philip N., and Aiden Duffy, Deen Freelon, Muzammil Hussain, Will Mari, and Marwa Mazaid. “Opening Closed Regimes: What Was the Role of Social Media During […]