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Prezi – The New Cold War: Information Policy and Political Rift

This is the Prezi show for my expanded talk on authoritarianism and information policy, called “The New Cold War”.  It requires Flash, and may take a moment to fully load.  If it doesn’t load in your browser, you can go directly to the Prezi site. Link to Event Homepage. Link to Video Lecture.

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The New Cold War: Information Policy and Political Rift

Link to Event Homepage. Link to Prezi.

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Huffington Post: The Dictator’s Dead Pool for 2013: Will China’s Investments Pay Off in Political Clout?

(This originally appeared as “The Dictator’s Dead Pool for 2013” on the Huffington Post.)   The world rarely mourns dead dictators. The death of an authoritarian ruler usually means chaos and more suffering for the people they ruled. A year ago I drafted a list of the aging and sickly […]

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Slate: Let’s Build Pro-Democracy Twitter Robots

(This post originally appeared as “Let’s Build Democracy Robots” on Slate.  Read Jillian York’s great retort “No We Should Not Build Pro-Democracy Twitter Bots“) Most Twitter users try to ignore messages from robot accounts. But maybe we should be putting bots to work for a more noble cause—democracy. One estimate […]