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Reviews: State Power 2.0

These are reviews of my edited collection State Power 2.0:

“Interest in how governments use, manipulate, or even shut down the internet in the service of state power has been growing at a fever pitch. This collection provides an insightful framework for understanding these dynamics as well as an impressive array of individual chapters that will undoubtedly become an essential scholarly resource in this area for years to come.”

Michael Xenos, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“When Time magazine named “You” as its person of the year in 2006, few could foresee how swiftly both authoritarian and democratic states would learn to control political participation on the internet. This landmark comparative study brings to light the tactics states are using to protect their authority and manage dissent. Amid huge claims about the power of technology to drive political change, this volume provides concrete analysis across a range of national media ecologies and hundreds of events. Paradoxically, by bringing us back down to earth the authors help us understand better how our voices might be heard and change realised.”

Ben O’Loughlin, Royal Holloway, University of London

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