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Channeling Diversity in the Public Spectrum

Over the last decade, the FCC has licensed the use of the public spectrum with an online auction system. Has this auction system, which requires potential licensees to first apply to qualify as bidders, increased the diversity of ownership, and, if not, why? Analyzing data on 28,354 applicants for 16,383 licenses, we find […]

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Learning to Search and Searching to Learn: Income, Education and Experience Online

Using data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project surveys, this article explores changing trends in reported sophistication and satisfaction with search skills and with search engines. We find that the proportion of Internet users searching online for answers to specific questions—as opposed to casual browsing—has grown significantly. Moreover, […]

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Testing the Leap Frog Hypothesis

This paper tests the ‘leap-frog’ hypothesis by modeling the impact of existing telecommunications infrastructure, controlling for economic, political and demographic factors, on changes in information communication technology (ICT) access for over 200 countries between 1995 and 2005. This study has significantly greater coverage than previous research, in terms of both time […]

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Reuters: Identity Theft Documentary

Reuters Documentary on our study