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Social Media Misinformation about the WHO

Authors: Hubert Au, Jonathan Bright, Philip N. Howard Given the evolving nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic—and public understanding of the crises—we provide a weekly briefing about the spread of coronavirus information across multiple social media platforms. For the week leading up to 20-04-2020 we find: • Content from state-backed […]

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Covid-19 News and Information from State-Backed Outlets Targeting French, German and Spanish-Speaking Social Media Users

Authors: Katarina Rebello, Christian Schwieter, Marcel Schliebs, Kate Joynes-Burgess, Mona Elswah, Jonathan Bright, Philip N. Howard In this data memo, we examine French, German and Spanish-language distribution of coronavirus (COVID-19) news and information originating from media outlets backed by the governments of China, Iran, Russia and Turkey. We measure the […]

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Industry, Experts, or Industry Experts Academic Sourcing in News Coverage of AI

Authors: J. Scott Brennen, Anne Schulz, Philip N. Howard, and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen Part hype, part hysteria, part thoughtful debate, the public conversation around artificial intelligence(AI) continues to evolve. Commentators, journalists, politicians, and publics now debate myriad topicsconcerning AI, from the benefits and risks of automation, to the role of […]

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Sourcing and Automation of Political News and Information over Social Media in the United States, 2016-2018

Abstract Social media is an important source of news and information in the United States. But during the 2016 US presidential election, social media platforms emerged as a breeding ground for influence campaigns, conspiracy, and alternative media. Anecdotally, the nature of political news and information evolved over time, but political […]