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Social Science Innovations

This open, self paced, short course on research methods helps researchers think innovatively about social research in these difficult times. I picked a range of methods that demonstrate how Covid doesn’t have to close down ambitious thinking in the social sciences. Each course includes handouts, exercises and learning goals, and […]

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Wired: To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists

This originally appeared as “To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists” in February 2021 in Wired. Exposing and fighting the problem requires drawing from reporters’ resources and reach.

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Predicting Engagement with the Internet Research Agency’s Facebook and Instagram Campaigns around the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Authors: Dimitra Liotsiou, Bharath Ganesh, Philip N Howard Abstract The Russian Internet Research Agency’s (IRA) online interference campaign in the 2016 U.S. presidential election represents a turning point in the trajectory of democratic elections in the digital age. What can we learn about how the IRA engages U.S. audiences, ahead […]

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Global Attitudes Towards AI, Machine Learning & Automated Decision Making

Implications for Involving Artificial Intelligence in Public Service and Good Governance Authors: Lisa-Maria Neudert, Aleksi Knuutila, Philip N. Howard How do people perceive the risks of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning tools in decision making? Using survey data from a sample of 154,195 respondents in 142 countries, we […]