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Industry, Experts, or Industry Experts Academic Sourcing in News Coverage of AI

Authors: J. Scott Brennen, Anne Schulz, Philip N. Howard, and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Part hype, part hysteria, part thoughtful debate, the public conversation around artificial intelligence
(AI) continues to evolve. Commentators, journalists, politicians, and publics now debate myriad topics
concerning AI, from the benefits and risks of automation, to the role of AI in geopolitics and warfare, to the hidden biases of algorithmic discrimination.

News media do much to shape this evolving public discussion of AI. Not only do they provide a space for public conversation, but news reporting and commentary also provide and mediate evidence, arguments, values, and meanings. Similarly, the people who populate news content as sources and story subjects give shape to reporting and commentary by providing examples and anecdotes, giving testimony, providing context, and evaluating claims…


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