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Data Share: Percent of Tunisian Blogs With Posts on Politics, By Keyword

Here are the aggregated numbers for the percent of Tunisian blogs with posts about politics at a critical moment during the Tunisian uprising of early 2011.  This information is analyzed in the report Howard, Philip N., and Aiden Duffy, Deen FreelonMuzammil Hussain, Will Mari, and Marwa Mazaid. “Opening Closed Regimes: What Was the Role of Social Media During the Arab Spring?” Project on Information Technology and Political Islam Data Memo 2011.1. Seattle: University of Washington, 2011.  It is from Figure 2: Percent of Tunisian Blogs With Posts on Politics, By Keyword.


From the discussion of this figure:

Figure 2 tracks six of the most important keywords in the Tunisian blogosphere. Just as Twitter traffic peaked with street protest, the topics discussed in the Tunisian blogosphere closely tracked with public interest in political freedom. Analysis of the structure of content and links in the Tunisian blogosphere between November 2010 and May 2011 indicates direct parallels between online political conversations and offline events. Particularly after December 17, 2010, when Bouazizi set himself on fire, the Tunisian blogosphere experienced a spike in the frequency of online conversations about liberty, revolution, and President Ben Ali’s leadership. In this way, the volume of digital conversations peaks with the size of street demonstrations, and the content of these conversations directly reflects public sentiments.

Here is the spreadsheet behind this figure.