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Data Share: Daily Tweets of #sidibouzid, by Location

Here are the aggregated numbers for daily tweets of #sidibouzid at a critical moment during the Tunisian uprising of early 2011.  This information is analyzed in the report Howard, Philip N., and Aiden Duffy, Deen Freelon, Muzammil Hussain, Will Mari, and Marwa Mazaid. “Opening Closed Regimes: What Was the Role of Social Media During the Arab Spring?Project on Information Technology and Political Islam Data Memo 2011.1. Seattle: University of Washington, 2011.  It is from Figure 1: Logged Number of Tweets on #sidibouzid, by Location.


From the discussion of this figure:

Beginning with the earliest available records of Twitter feeds in Tunisia, it is possible to graph waves of political consciousness with key events and protester turnout. Figure 1 identifies the number of active Twitter users contributing to one of the most important hashtags of the time, #sidibouzid. The number of users appears on a logarithmic scale, day-by-day. A blue bar indicates the dates on which journalists began reporting that attendance at street protests had reached into the thousands. In Tunisia, the number of contributions increased steadily between late January and late February. The number of people with no location information also declined, suggesting that as time passed Tunisians grew more willing to note publicly that they were Tweeting from inside Tunisia during the heady days of political change.

Here is the spreadsheet behind this figure.  Unfortunately there are some issues related to sharing the raw Twitter data, and my collaborator Deen Freelon has done a blog post on changes in Twitter’s terms of service.  Please read this before contacting him about raw data.

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