Foreign Policy’s 2017 Global Thinkers

I am honoured to have recently been named to Foreign Policy’s 2017 list of Global Thinkers, along with Alice Marwick from UNC/Data & Society. The magazine published a profile, available here, which highlights the ongoing work of the project into media manipulation and computational propaganda. Howard heads the Computational Propaganda […]


ComProp Awarded 2017 Democracy Award by NDI

I am delighted to share the good news that the OII’s Project on Computational Propaganda was awarded the National Democratic Institute’s “Democracy Award” on November 2nd. Every year the NDI recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to democracy and human rights. This year, NDI honored the Oxford Internet […]

Grants / Research

Trusted Innovation – Junk Science, Fake News, and Public Understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change

In some key domains of public life there appears to be coordinated efforts to ruin the reputation of science and innovation. Scientists now protest in the streets just to get policymakers to embrace evidence-based policy making. Long-held consensus on the causes and consequences of climate change, tobacco-induced cancers, and value […]

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Prezi: About the COMPROP Project

Here is an interactive Prezi describing the goals, work plan and initial findings of the Computational Propaganda Research Project.