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Reviews: Handbook of Internet Politics

Reviews of The Handbook of Internet Politics Laberge, Yves. Review of Handbook of Internet Politics by Andrew Chadwick and Philip N. Howard. Political Studies Review 9, no. 1 (2011): 100–101. Stuart, David. Review of Handbook of Internet Politics by Andrew Chadwick and Philip N. Howard. Online Information Review 33, no. […]

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Digital Media and the Arab Spring

During the “Arab Spring,” young tech savvy activists led uprisings in a dozen countries across North Africa and the Middle East. At first, digital media allowed democratization movements to develop new tactics for catching dictators off guard. Eventually, authoritarian governments worked social media into their own counter-insurgency strategies. What have […]

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Information Technologies and Omnivorous News Diets Over Three U.S. Presidential Elections

Technology convergence and rising expectations for interactivity have had a significant impact on the news diets of U.S. voters. While television may appear to be the most important single media in this system of political communication, for a growing portion of the population, news diets are defined by combinations and […]

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Political Parties & Voter Privacy: Australia, Canada, the United States and United Kingdom in Comparative Perspective

Political parties are among the most lax, unregulated organizations handling large volumes of personally identifiable data about citizens’ behavior and attitudes. We analyze the privacy practices of political parties in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States to assess the current state of electorate data, compare regulatory efforts, and offer […]