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Trump Supporters Spread the Majority of Phony News on Social Media

The project’s work on polarization and junk news was covered in Mother Jones. Trump supporters are among the most prolific social media users spreading fake news and conspiracy content, according to new research from Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Research Project, which has been studying disinformation campaigns globally since 2014. The group’s new […]

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Review: New York Times

Ideas from the Pax Technica used in this review essay by Roger Cohen in the New York Times: One stab at defining such an invisible force that I find persuasive has been offered by Philip Howard, a professor of Internet Studies at Oxford University. He has coined the term “Pax […]

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Review: Financial Times

An extensive opinion essay on the pax technica by John Thornhill in FT: Is this internet of things going to set us free or lock us up? That question is the subtitle of a book called Pax Technica by Philip Howard, a professor at the Oxford Internet Institute. It was […]

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10 Things you wish you didn’t know about elections (and what to do about them)

In March 2017, I spoke spoke at an event hosted by the University’s Social Science Division to highlight projects across Oxford that are receiving ERC funding. Professor Roger Goodman, Head of the Social Sciences Division hosted the event, which marked the 10th anniversary of the ERC, and celebrated the researchers […]