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New York Times: Hungary’s Crackdown on the Press

(This originally appeared as “Hungary’s Crackdown on the Media“.) BUDAPEST — The European Union faces a challenging conundrum. While Hungary has embarked on building Europe’s most controlled media system, the European Commission just agreed in August to provide the country with nearly 22 billion euros of economic assistance. Hungary has […]

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Globe and Mail: Canada Can Maintain Ties with Virtual Embassies

(This originally appeared as “Canada Can Maintain Ties With Virtual Embassies” in the Toronto Globe and Mail on September 24th 2012.) In March, Canada closed its embassy in Syria.  Earlier this month, Canada closed its embassy in Iran.  Now we learn that sharing embassies with the UK may benefit the […]

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Seattle Times: The Real Success in the Tunisian Elections is an Authentic, Democratic Process

(This appeared as an OpEd entitled “The Real Success in the Tunisian Elections is an Autthentic, Democratic Process” in the Seattle Times. TUNISIA, a country that had never experienced democracy, held a successful election last week. This was the first election of the Arab Spring, and the first in an […]

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Seattle Times: UW study observes 40,000 drivers on city streets: 1 in 16 was on the phone

News story of class project to study cellphone use by Seattle drivers:   http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/uw-study-observes-40000-drivers-on-city-streets-1-in-16-was-on-the-phone/