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Brookings: How big is the Internet of Things and how big will it get?

This appeared in two parts for the Brookings Institution’s TechTank in June 2015.  Part 1 is called How big is the Internet of Things and how big will it get? and Part 2 is Sketching out the IoT Trendline.   New information technologies have transformed world politics, and not always for the […]

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TechPresident: Bad News Bots

(This originally appeared as “Bad News Bots” on Techpresident.)   It’s no secret that governments and political actors now make use of social robots or bots—automated scripts that produce content and mimic real users. Faux social media accounts now spread pro-governmental messages, beef up web site follower numbers, and causeartificial […]

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Reuters: Let’s Make Candidates Pledge Not to Use Bots

(This originally appeared as “Let’s Make Candidates Pledge Not to Use Bots” on the Reuters Commentary Wire.) Bots — chunks of computer code that generate messages and replicate themselves — have been infecting political discourse around the world. They have been spotted try to influence elections in the United Kingdom, Mexico and just recently, South […]

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Symposium Magazine: When Does Digital Activism Pack a Punch?

We are starting to disseminate some of the findings from the USIP-supported Digital Activism Research Project.  One of the first pieces on the work is now up with Symposium Magazine: The past few decades have given scholars a rich collection of data that can help them analyze political change, whether […]