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Wired: To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists

This originally appeared as “To Quash Disinformation, Researchers Must Work With Journalists” in February 2021 in Wired. Exposing and fighting the problem requires drawing from reporters’ resources and reach.

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BBC World Service Interview

I was interviewed by the BBC World Service for their Global News Podcast, Report says millions of American voters were exposed to Russian social media propaganda, which aired on 17 December 2018. The interview concerned the Computational Propaganda Project’s latest report on the impact of Russia’s IRA on American political […]

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Senate Testimony

I was in Washington this week providing testimony for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The submitted written testimony, Foreign Influence on Social Media Platforms: Perspectives from Third Party Social Media Experts can be viewed online, along with a recording of the accompanying verbal testimony. The testimony was covered in […]

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Fake, misleading social media posts exploding globally, Oxford study finds

McClatchy covered the latest ComProp work: the 2018 inventory of social media manipulation, authored by Samantha Bradshaw and I. Russia’s social media blitz to influence the 2016 U.S. election was part of a global “phenomenon” in which a broad spectrum of governments and political parties used Internet platforms to spread […]