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VIDEO: CEU On Point with Philip N. Howard

Here is a video nicely produced by the CEU team on what I’m up to in Budapest.    

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Video: Inaugural Lecture at UW, “Research Adventures from Grad School to Present”

My department has started a new lecture series for faculty who get promoted to full professor, called Inaugural Lectures.  Mine was called “What Actually Happened Was Much Stranger: Research Adventures From Grad School to the Present” and was delivered October 30th. And here’s audio only:  

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Lead with the Prostitutes

Last week I gave my “inaugural lecture” at UW, an honor that allowed me to talk about some of the tough parts of research and the darker / funnier parts of my own path through grad school. There is a write up on the Department page for the event and […]

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Joining the Global Network Initiative

I’ve been a fan of the Global Network Initiative for a while.  Over a year ago I wrote a provocative blog post about Zuckerberg’s trip to Russia around the 4th year anniversary of the Global Network Initiative.  My colleague Rebecca MacKinnon replied within minutes with some corrections and thus the […]