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The Relationship between Media and Politics in the Twitter Age

Interviewed for the Italian news magazine Fromiche about social media and political change. Il rapporto tra media e politica sta cambiando? I social media hanno avuto davvero un impatto nella primavera araba? Abbiamo affrontato questi argomenti con il Prof. Philip N. Howard, professore alla School of Public Policy presso la Central […]

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Debate flares on ‘Twitter revolutions,’ Arab Spring

Extensive interview about latest book: Arab Spring: Did social media really spark revolutions? Amid fierce debate in academic circles, upcoming book argues social media made key difference in successful uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt. By Rob Lever, AFP – WASHINGTON   How important were Twitter, Facebook and other social media in […]

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Interview on Brian Lehrer Show

Joined a panel discussion about blogging and censorship in Iran.