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Participation, Civics and Your Next Coffee Maker
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Participation, Civics and Your Next Coffee Maker

This is the prepublication version of my response to the article by Ethan Zuckerman “New Media, New Civics?” published in Policy & Internet (2014: vol. 6, issue 2).  Final version, with Zuckerman’s essay and other responses, here.   Ethan Zuckerman’s essay on participatory civics offers a nice example of how […]

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The Relationship between Media and Politics in the Twitter Age

Interviewed for the Italian news magazine Fromiche about social media and political change. Il rapporto tra media e politica sta cambiando? I social media hanno avuto davvero un impatto nella primavera araba? Abbiamo affrontato questi argomenti con il Prof. Philip N. Howard, professore alla School of Public Policy presso la Central […]

New Version of “This Is Where The Title Goes”
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New Version of “This Is Where The Title Goes”

I’ve done a revision of my essay-that-is-a-template on formatting student papers. I’d like to say it is “by popular demand” but that would not really be true. The truth is that both undergraduate and graduate students get few consistent cues about the style and format they need to a) comply […]

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Sudan Reporters Go Online to Challenge Crackdown on Press

Contributed to a story about Sudan and online journalism for Bloomberg. Online media faces fewer restrictions because Sudan’s government may not want to spend substantial amounts of money to monitor it, given the low number of Internet users in the country, Philip Howard, a communications professor at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, said in an […]