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Information Policy and Technology Diffusion: Lessons from Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia

Some governments choose telecommunications policies that hinder technology diffusion, while others choose policies that appear to do a good job at encouraging technology diffusion and reaping subsequent economic rewards.  Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia—all former members of the Republic of Yugoslavia—have enacted different kinds of information policy reforms […]

Policy Papers / Publications

Turning Dirt Roads into Information Highways

As we analyze the use of the concept of internet diffusion found in economics, political science, and public policy research in this paper, we find that the research on internet diffusion is often characterized by extensive errors in operationalization and measurement.  These errors are not caused only by imperfections and inherent […]

Policy Papers / Publications

Liberation Technology

Here’s a paper from last year where I introduce the notion of liberation technology, defined as software and hardware that a) encourages ingenuity among users but b) does not create dependency relationships with designers, IP holders, firms, or countries. This paper was presented at the PCMLP Oxford “ICT Standards Conference” Conference […]