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Prezi: Strong Ties, Weak Ties, Political Power

Here is my Prezi on “Strong Ties, Weak Ties, Political Power“.

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Prezi – Collective Action in a Digital Era

Here is my Prezi on “Collective Action in a Digital Era“.

Prezi:  Campaign Bots & The Law
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Prezi: Campaign Bots & The Law

Here is an interactive Prezi on our recent paper “Campaign Bots & The Law”, authored by Ryan Calo, Lisa Manheim, Sam Woolley and Phil Howard.  We presented this at the Yale Information Society Project’s “Unlocking the Black Box” conference, and we identify the ways in which bots, when used by […]

Book Reading At SXSW 2016
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Book Reading At SXSW 2016

The “internet of things” is the expanding network of everyday objects—you can expect some 35 billion connected devices by 2020. The internet won’t be about your mobile phone or laptop anymore, it will be dominated by communication between devices, chips scattered over the natural world, and sensors embedded in our […]