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Castells And The Media

One of the most prolific and respected scholars today, Manuel Castells has given us a new language for understanding the impact of information and communication technologies on social life.

Politicians can no longer run for office without a digital media strategy, new communication technologies are a fundamental infrastructure for the economy, and the internet has become an invaluable tool for cultural production and consumption. Yet as more of our political, economic, and cultural interaction occurs over digital media, the ability to create and manipulate both content and networks becomes real power.


Castells and the Media introduces a great thinker, presents original theories about the network society, and encourages readers to use these theories to help them understand the importance of digital media and social networks in their own lives.


Castells and the Media
Series: Theory and Media
Philip N. Howard 
University of Washington

Polity Press
Paperback (ISBN-10: 074565259X | ISBN-13: 978-0745652597)

Published in 2011 | 160 pages | 228 x 152 mm

In stock, $19.95 (G)

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