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Photo Credit:  Marina Noordegraaf
Policy Papers

Data Breaches in Europe 2005-2014

This project report, done with colleagues at the Center for Media, Data and Society, is mirrored at the center website. Download:  Howard, P. (2014). Data Breaches in Europe: An Analysis of Reported Breaches of Compromised Personal Records in Europe. Center for Media, Data and Society Central European University. Working Paper 2014.1. 24 pp. […]

In The News / News Feature

Wired: Your colleagues pose bigger threat to your privacy than hackers

Wired UK covered the findings of the recent data breach report from CMDS, “Data Breaches in Eruope” with an article called “Your Colleagues Pose Bigger Threat to Your Privacy Than Hackers“. The threat from hackers is not nearly as big a problem as the threat posed by your own colleagues, a privacyreport has […]

Photo Credit:  Marina Noordegraaf
Data / Original Data

Data Share: Data Breaches in Europe 2005-2014

Here is the raw data behind the working paper on compromised personal records in Europe.  This is the result of six months of gathering and verifying news stories of data breaches affecting people in Europe.  The report is available from the Center for Media, Data and Society website.   Download […]

Data / Original Data

Data Share: Compromised Digital Records, 1980-2006

This is the event data we collected on news reports about compromised personal records from 1980-2006.  The data was used in several articles and book chapters.  While there is no formal code book we thought it was time to share the data and the best summary of our definition of […]