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Book:  State Power 2.0
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Book: State Power 2.0

Digital media and online social networking applications have changed the way in which dissent is organized with social movement leaders using online applications and digital content systems to organize collective action, activate local protest groups, network with international social movements and share their political perspectives. In the past, authoritarian regimes […]

Digital Activism and Non Violent Conflict
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Digital Activism and Non Violent Conflict

This project report, done with Frank Edwards and Mary Joyce, is mirrored at the website of the Digital Activism Research Project. Download:  Frank Edwards, Philip N. Howard, Mary Joyce, “Digital Activism and Non-Violent Conflict,” Digital Activism Research Project, 2013. 23 pp. Seattle, University of Washington. In order to analyze the […]

Symposium Magazine:  When Does Digital Activism Pack a Punch?
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Symposium Magazine: When Does Digital Activism Pack a Punch?

We are starting to disseminate some of the findings from the USIP-supported Digital Activism Research Project.  One of the first pieces on the work is now up with Symposium Magazine: The past few decades have given scholars a rich collection of data that can help them analyze political change, whether […]

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Video: Democracy’s Fourth Wave? Book Launch at the National Democracy Institute

Thank you to the colleagues, students, journalists, policy professionals and interested members of the public who came to watch my coauthor Muzammil Hussain (@m_m_hussain) launch Democracy’s Fourth Wave?  Digital Media and the Arab Spring.  For those who are interested, here is the Prezi that we used for several of the […]