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The Media Cold War

The Media Cold War

This is the Prezi show for my latest talk called “The Media Cold War”.  I have presented this at Princeton and the Central European University.  It requires Flash, and may take a moment to fully load.  If it doesn’t load in your browser, you can go directly to the Prezi […]

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Globe and Mail: Canada Can Maintain Ties with Virtual Embassies

(This originally appeared as “Canada Can Maintain Ties With Virtual Embassies” in the Toronto Globe and Mail on September 24th 2012.) In March, Canada closed its embassy in Syria.  Earlier this month, Canada closed its embassy in Iran.  Now we learn that sharing embassies with the UK may benefit the […]

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Slate: Let’s Nationalize Facebook

(This appeared as “Let’s Nationalize Facebook” in Slate’s Future Tense Blog.)   Over the last several years, Facebook has become a public good and an important social resource. But as a company, it is behaving badly, and long term, that may cost it: A spring survey found that almost half […]

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Forbes Hates Me

Reviled by Forbes: