thuwMy primary academic appointment is as a Professor at the University of Washington.  I am a Professor in the Department of Communication, and have courtesy appointments at the Jackson School of International Studies, the Information School and the Program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies.


thceuBeginning in the summer of 2013, I will have an appointment as a Professor of Public Policy at the Central European University where I will be the director of the Center for Communication and Media Studies.


thcolumbia_university_logo thosloI have taught at the University of Oslo’s Comparative Social Science Program, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Northwestern University’s Department of Sociology, and the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Social Science Program.


Princeton-Logo thstanfordI have been a Fellow at the Pew Internet & American Life Project in Washington D.C., the LSE’s Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy Research, Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy.