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Data Breaches in Europe 2005-2014

A growing number of massive data breaches are degrading the personal privacy of people around the world. Data security and privacy policy are ongoing concerns in Europe. But it can be difficult to assess privacy breaches in Europe in particular, since many of the biggest incidents of compromised personal records […]

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Wired: Your colleagues pose bigger threat to your privacy than hackers

Wired UK covered the findings of the recent data breach report from CMDS, “Data Breaches in Eruope” with an article called “Your Colleagues Pose Bigger Threat to Your Privacy Than Hackers“. The threat from hackers is not nearly as big a problem as the threat posed by your own colleagues, a privacyreport has […]

Democracy’s Fourth Wave – Creative Commons Release
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Democracy’s Fourth Wave – Creative Commons Release

Our book Democracy’s Fourth Wave?  Digital Media and the Arab Spring was published under a modified Creative Commons license with Oxford University Press.  Oxford has provided a publication quality PDF of first three chapters for download.  Full manuscript in February 2015.   Howard, Philip N. and Muzammil Hussain.  Democracy’s Fourth Wave? Digital Media and […]

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Prezi: Qualitative Research I & II

Qualitative research employs a family of perspectives and tools that give an investigator very direct contact with research subjects, settings and artifacts, meaning both strengths and limitations for the method.